A new Checkers drive-In is being planned to be built in West End, and some residents aren't too thrilled about it. The location of the restaurant is at the corner of 37th Avenue and Stillman Boulevard, right across from Stillman College.

Many of the residents are saying that they had no idea what was planned on being built there. In fact, 131 of the residents, who live off Country Club Circle and in The Newtown Community, have signed a petition asking The Tuscaloosa City Council to refuse granting rezoning the property, which would give the go ahead for The Checkers Drive-In to be built.

Residents are worried that the restaurant would bring more traffic congestion, and noise near their neighborhood. While The Developers maintain that a Checkers Drive-In located near that neighborhood, would provide a great economical benefit for The West End Area.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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