BREAKING: Pro Football Returns To Alabama In 2022
Donald Trump, Herschel Walker, Steve Young, Doug Flutie and Reggie White. What do they have in common? Not much, you might say. True. However, in 1983-1985 they were personalities involved in the U.S.F.L. The United States Football League. Once, a big part of the football history of Birmingham, Alabama.
NOT GUILTY: Rittenhouse Verdict, What Does Tuscaloosa Alabama Think
Well, it came. The verdict heard around the world. I watched from a busy shopping center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I want to know how Tuscaloosa and West Alabama folks feel about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Tap the app below and let me know. Lots of inflamed passionate opinions are flowing here.
Pike Liberal Arts Defeats Tuscaloosa Academy for 3A AISA Crown
On a cold, fall Friday evening, the Tuscaloosa Academy Knights traveled to Montgomery, Ala., for the 3A AISA State Championship to play the Pike Liberal Arts Patriots. “Disappointed with the loss, not with the effort. They played hard, played with class and laid it all out there… I couldn’t be more happier for them,” said Tuscaloosa Academy head coach Josh Wright. Pike received possessi ... Read M

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