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Saban Makes The Case For Football
In a conversation with Chris Low of ESPN, Nick Saban made the case to have a 2020 football season. Saban said that the players would be safer on campus, he said his players wouldn't contract the virus on the football field and that he wants the season to happen so his players can create value f…
Tuscaloosa Gems: The Guitar Gallery
Tuscaloosa has a lot of notable spots that we all know, but do you know Guitar Gallery on Hargrove?
Myself being a guitar freak, it's nice to see that Tuscaloosa has a Mom&POP guitar shop here in the Druid City. The name is Guitar Gallery and they are located at 309 Hargrove Rd Tusc…
Alabama Players Speak Up: #WeWantToPlay
The college football season is currently hanging by a thread after the Mid-American Conference became the first FBS level conference to cancel its fall football season. The Big 10 has reportedly already voted to cancel its season as well, although those reports have been disputed. Several marquee na…
Marigold Is A Unique Cat That Could Use a Great New Home
I can admit that I've never seen an animal with two different color eyes. It's really true when they say all animals are unique. Every week we team up with the Humane Society of West Alabama to bring you a new pet up for adoption. This week's HSWA Pet of the Week is Marigold.
The Big 10 Has Cancelled its 2020 Season
According to Dan Patrick and the Detroit Free Press, the Big 10 has voted to cancel its 2020 football season. The conference voted 12-2 to cancel this season, the only dissenting universities who voted to play were Iowa and Nebraska.

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