With a final score of 34-0, the Northside Rams dominated the Fayette County Tigers on both sides of the ball with the help of junior quarterback Braden Greene and senior Jace McNutt, who played well on both sides of the ball.

Coach Chris Hillicker had great things to say about his stars following the shutout.

“They are a tremendous part of our team. They do a great job, Braden does a great job leading the offense. Jace plays both sides of the ball the whole game; he’s a tough kid,” said Hillicker.

Greene passed for four touchdowns, ran for one TD, and completed a pass for a two-point conversion in the victory. The largest of these touchdowns was a 32-yard passing touchdown to junior Justin Montgomery for their first score of the game.

McNutt ran for 68 yards on 13 carries and was on the receiving end of one of Green’s touchdowns for 13 yards. He also was credited with a tackle and a deflection on the defensive side of the ball. He gave his opinion on what allowed them to shut out the opponent after the game.

“We dominated the game physically, both sides of the ball. Didn’t give them much chance to do anything,” said McNutt.

The Fayette County Tigers had a tough time moving the ball down the field against the Rams' defense, but penalties kept pushing them back and kept them out of the red zone on all but two drives. The Tigers had some big personal foul calls in the 3rd quarter which negated their drive and kept them from scoring.

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Blake Johnson, the junior starting varsity quarterback, still managed to impress with his arm on some deep passes despite the lack of points on the board and the fact he sustained an arm injury in the early fourth quarter. He was 11-for-22 in pass attempts and threw for 97 yards with one interception near the end zone before coming out of the game.

Coach Waldon Tucker gave his thoughts on his team’s overall performance after the game.

“It’s not that we played that bad, it’s just that they’re better than we are. We made some mistakes, had some penalties, dropped a ball or two, didn’t get it to them on time, but they’re a good football team,” Tucker said postgame.

The Northside Rams are 5-1 this season and will take on another region opponent in an away game at Curry next week.

The Fayette County Tigers are now 3-3 on the season and take on a region opponent of their own, Hayleyville, at home next Friday.

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