If you listen to the local legends, you'll come to believe this West Alabama road is home to some truly paranormal activity.

What's the deal with this haunted road in Northport?

I'd never heard of the story before, so I was quite surprised when I came across this post in a local Facebook group devoted to everything that's going down in Northport. I love reading about anything/everything related to folklore and ghost stories, and this one is pretty intriguing--and there are conflicting stories, too.

Are you brave enough to try to see the ghosts of Shamblin Road?

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If you travel down Shamblin Road, you'll see lonely spirits who are searching for lost loved ones. One story says the ghost belongs to a heartbroken Civil War widow while the other legend says there are several ghosts--and that these spirits are those of a family searching for a sister killed in a tragic car wreck.

They only come out at night.

Drive down Shamblin Road from Highway 171, and as you round a curve you'll see a pair of white fenceposts where the ghosts have said to have been spotted. Those who have seen these ghosts say you have to dim your headlights or have your parking lights on to see the ghosts hanging out at the fenceposts.

There are plenty of people who say they've seen these shadowy figures at night--have you? If you've had a ghostly encounter (or another local legend to share) message me with our station app.

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