Alabama head coach Nick Saban met with the media on Monday to start Tennessee week, which is one of the biggest games on the schedule every year.


"This game is a really big rivalry game and a special one for a lot of people in our state that are our supporters and our fans," Saban said. "It's obviously a big game for our players as well. And it's very challenging to play this game on the road as it always is because there's always a lot of energy and enthusiasm."

Saban also talked about his team's performance against Arkansas and said there were a few guys that would be out a couple of days because of injury. Reuben Foster and Alphonse Taylor were two players that he singled out.


Alabama will have a few days to prepare for a top-10 matchup with Tennessee before heading to Knoxville on Friday. Saban hasn't lost once to the Vols since arriving in Tuscaloosa.

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