Let this be a lesson to you when you're wandering around the mall parking lot after you wrapped up your Black Friday shopping.

A German has been reunited with his car 20 years after he forgot where he parked it. Officials in Frankfurt stumbled onto the Volkswagen Passat (we don't know what year) after someone noticed it in the garage of a building set to be torn down.

The car's owner, who's now 76, had just assumed someone stole the vehicle and reported it as such back in 1997, but in fact he had parked it in a space where the view of it was obstructed.

Cops managed to put the pieces together and drove the man to his set of wheels, which can no longer be taken out on the road.

It's unclear why the man had assumed his car was stolen. And it's also unclear if he had forgotten where he lived when police drove him home. Maybe he thought someone stole his house, too.

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