In August, the city of Tuscaloosa is again expected to accept donations of school supplies in exchange for the payment of overtime parking tickets.

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Residents who receive an $18 overtime parking ticket will be allowed to pay the ticket with school supplies valued at $10 or more. Donations with a value of $20 or more will be accepted in place of the payment for two (2) parking tickets.

All donations will be given to the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education to hand out to students in need.

If the initiative passes a city council vote next Tuesday, August 1, it's expected to start Monday, August 7 and end on Friday, September 1.

Those wishing to participate can bring donations and a receipt to the Tuscaloosa Municipal Court at 2122 6th St.

For items with no receipt, the city has released a guide to estimate donation values, along with other suggested supplies.

Heavy Duty Backpacks: $10
Ream White Copy Paper: $4
Index Cards: $.50
Black & Blue Ink Pens: $1
16GB Flash Drive: $4
Scientific Calculators: $9
Erasers – 3 packs: $1.50
Standard/College Ruled: $1
College-Ruled Spiral Notebooks: $.60
Mechanical or #2 pencils: $1
Binder Pouches: $6
Clorox/Lysol Wipes 3 packs: $6.50
Highlighters 3ct.: $2.10
Highlighters 10ct.: $6
Hand Sanitizers: $2
Box(es) of Kleenex Tissues: $1.60
Binder Dividers: $1.50
Box of Crayons: $3
Kids’ Scissors: $1.50

More information is available by calling 311.

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