On Tuesday, NorthStar Emergency Medical Services revealed on their website that they've learned of a data security breach.

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As previously reported by the Tuscaloosa Thread, the private ambulance service in Tuscaloosa may have given bad actors access to the records of more than 80,000 current and former patients.

We've recently discovered a class action complaint being filed against NorthStar following the data breach.

"Following a thorough analysis, the investigation determined that information contained in the affected files may have included patient-protected health information (PHI)," Mason LLP Attorney at Law said on their website concerning the class action complaint.

"The type of information contained within the affected data includes patient names, and any other combination of identifiable personal information, all of which could be used to harm the individual in question."

On Mason LLP Attorney at Law's website they state that it's required for any client on one of their cases must provide proof of being affected with a "DATA BREACH NOTIFICATION LETTER."

On their site, they have a section for looking to sign up for the class action claim.

Upon submission, Mason LLP Attorney at Law will reach out with a retainer to sign that allows them to represent you in the case.

Readers can click here to visit Mason LLP Attorney at Law and get more details about the class action complaint or to sign up for those who qualify as an affected party in the data breach involving NorthStar Emergency Medical Services.

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