Saturday, June 15, will commemorate the Tuscaloosa Branch of the NAACP’s Juneteenth celebrations. There will be a Juneteenth Parade and Celebration in the Park that “promises to be a dynamic and powerful event that honors the past, celebrates the present, and inspires future progress,” said Lisa Young, President of the Tuscaloosa Branch of the NAACP.

These events are aimed to highlight the African American community and the rich cultural heritage and contributions to a broader audience. Event organizers hope that Saturday’s events will foster a greater understanding and appreciation among all attendees, promoting cultural awareness and unity.

Celebration of Freedom Returns to Palmore Park

The Celebration of Freedom returns to Palmore Park at 3701 Fosters Ferry Road on Saturday, June 15 from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m.

Young said, “Celebrating Juneteenth at Palmore Park is important because it fosters a sense of community, pride, and unity. It also serves as a powerful platform for promoting cultural awareness, ensuring inclusivity through free access, and supporting local vendors and businesses.”

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Tuscaloosa Branch of the NAACP

This free, family-friendly event will offer live entertainment from The Locked Band, Anthony Noland, and DJ Tank Sinatra. Attendees can also enjoy food trucks, vendors, fun games, and a splash pad for kids courtesy of PARA. Event organizers encourage attendees to bring tents, chairs, grills, and coolers.

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“The event being free to all ensures that economic barriers do not prevent anyone from attending and participating in the festivities,” said Young. “This openness supports the idea that Juneteenth is a celebration for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.”

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