Alabama is a haven for food lovers, but if you're on the hunt for a steakhouse that truly stands out, you need to experience the best. Recently, one Alabama gem was acknowledged as one of the finest in the country for its succulent, flawlessly prepared steaks.

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24/7 Tempo recently compiled a list of the best steakhouses in each state, utilizing reviews and ratings from city, regional, and state websites to identify the top-rated restaurants across the nation.

You've got to check out the Alabama restaurant just crowned 'Best Steakhouse' in America!

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Where to find Alabama’s Best Steak?

George’s Steak Pit - Sheffield, AL

George’s Steak Pit, founded in 1956 and family-operated until recently, is a regional favorite known for grilling its seafood and steaks over hickory in an open pit, according to 24/7 Tempo.

“A prime T-bone is the specialty cut, and there are also such variations as a tenderloin beef kabob and both steak and shrimp or lobster and steak and chicken combos — as well as a ground sirloin steak, ground in-house daily from ribeye and filet trimmings,” said 24/7 Tempo.


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