A box. I will never forget that movie that came out a few years ago, "The Box".

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*Clip courtesy of YouTube/Movieclips


And of course, we can never forget the famous "what's in the box" scene from the hit movie "Seven".


*Clip courtesy of YouTube/Isochronous




Popular Tuscaloosa radio show "Steve & DC" is giving away a vacation to the beaches in Panama City, Florida.

The winner will stay at the luxury Holiday Inn Resort overlooking the beach which includes a beach view from ALL of the suites at the resort.

How do you win?

You have to figure out what is in the box.


*Courtesy of Facebook


Now that you have looked at the box, what do you think is in it?

WFFN-FM (95.3 The Bear) and the "Steve & DC Show" will be taking more contestants to play "What's In The Box" on Tuesday morning at 7:15 am.

To be a contestant, call the show at 205-339-4953.

Each contestant will get to ask a YES or NO question and then take their guess on what they believe might be in the box.

Due to the fact that nobody has figured out what is in the box, "Steve & DC" will be giving clues next week as well.

Here's a sample of how contestants play "What's In The Box?" below:

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