If we have learned anything from 2023, it's that Grimace is a cultural icon when it comes to fast food.

Now, it appears McDonald's is ready to capitalize on the purple character's popularity once again as we head into the holiday season.

How Grimace Became An Iconic Character For McDonald's

There's more to Grimace than just being a big lump of purple fur. According to a People, the character was first introduced by McDonald's in 1972 as "Evil Grimace."

But just look at that face. How could anyone think that lovable sphere with eyes and arms was actually "evil?"

The debate about what exactly a Grimace is continued up until a couple years ago when People reported he is actually a "taste bud."

Despite the curiosity, Grimace eventually faded from McDonald's advertising campaigns. He made his triumphant return earlier this year when the fast food franchise unveiled its Grimace birthday meal complete with a purple shake.

The themed-meal was a hit generating buzz on social media and additional sales for McDonald's.

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MarketingDive.com reported McDonald's saw an 11.7% increase in sales during Q2, which the company attributed to the additional brand awareness around the Grimace meal marketing campaign.

It's no surprise McDonald's is eager to keep Grimace in the public eye with even more opportunities for the character to have viral moments.

Is McDonald's Releasing A Grimace Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Delish reported this week that McDonald's is about to unveil an ugly Christmas sweater featuring a Santa version of Grimace alongside the restaurant's logo.

Images of the sweater were reportedly "leaked" by the @snackolator Instagram account.

Both the Instagram post and Delish noted that McDonald's hasn't announced a release date for the festive Grimace sweater, but they do believe it will be available through the restaurant's apparel website GoldenArchesUnlimited.com.

The expected sweater announcement comes after McDonald's partnered with Crocs to develop and sell; the Grimace Cozzzy Sandal last month.

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