Dylan Schneider’s newest single, “Bad Decisions,” is a relatable sentiment for those who are or have been intertwined in a toxic relationship.

The singer’s lyrics drip with the complexities of love and knowing when to let love go, but the roots run deep.

For Schneider, the lyrics to the song flow effortlessly. It’s a tale he admits is one he’s lived before, but because of that, he hopes it hits listeners on a deeply personal level.

Written with friends Gabe Foust and Jacob Hackworth, Schneider loved the piece right from the demo track.

“I started vibing on that first melody,” he tells Taste of Country. “I just started to say the things that we’ve all felt and been through. We wrote the whole song in less than an hour.”

If you delve into Schneider’s previous songs, his music has changed sonically over time. Previously, his tracks exuded more of a twang, whereas songs like “Bad Decision” are infused with a sultry, rock flair.

That’s an intentional direction by the singer. He acknowledges that previously, there were too many cooks in the kitchen at the birth of his career, making it hard to declare what he felt was right for him. Now, after being in the industry since he was 16, he’s assertive in what he wants to sound like as an artist.

“I’d rather be true and make sure at least I like it,” he shares. “So, hopefully that translates to people and fans who are coming to the shows.”

2023 was a hot year for the singer. His single “Ain’t Missing You” went viral on social media, leading to many opportunities. Although he doesn’t think social media should dictate whether someone is good or not, he does credit it as an aid in the single’s success.

Schneider is proving to be all gas, no brakes in 2024. With multiple tour stops already under his belt, the singer is out opening for Nate Smith’s World on Fire Tour.

When it comes to Smith’s tour, although still fresh, Schnieder has enjoyed every minute. He expressed that not every headliner is inclusive, but when they are, it makes a difference.

“For someone to be attentive to the opening acts means a lot,” he shares. “He said, ‘This is your tour too.’ Yeah, it’s his tour, but we are a part of it.”

Smith’s kindness and inclusion is something Schneider desires to replicate as his career continues.

Keep an eye on the “Bad Decisions” singer this year. His plan for the new year is to hit the ground running, producing more music with his newly dialed-in tone and getting in front of as many of his fans as possible.

“I hope that it’s the most honest year and that they [fans] see I’m putting in the work and time.” he expresses. “I want to show another level. Just need to keep grinding.”

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