Back in October of last year, the announcement was made that Whataburger was coming to Tuscaloosa. The announcement also stated that Whataburger was going to be built on the corner of Skyland and 69 South, with a Grand Opening on March of this year. However, here we are in April, and there's no sign of ANYTHING being built there. So, are they coming or not?

An article in Tuscaloosa News, said that they're still coming. (You can read that article HERE). They still have roughly 6 months on their building permit to get started. And Real Estate Developer, Stan Pate who owns the land which Whataburger is being built on, says that the the company is still paying its land lease rent. So, that's a GOOD sign! However, one has to wonder WHY is there a delay?

One logical explanation, as stated in the article is, "it’s not uncommon within the restaurant industry for some locations to be delayed because of issues with other sites, the opening of new stores or developing in other markets". That is a LITTLE reassuring. But if I don't see some GROUND BREAKING in the fall, I'm going to start panicking!

In any event, I can't wait for Whataburger to get here! I believe that they will do GREAT in Tuscaloosa!  As far as I'm concerned, they need to get here already!

And while we're at it, can somebody please tell Steak N' Shake to hurry up? Because they're behind schedule, too!

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