I am a foodie. I can't help myself. I love to eat, cook and create new things in the kitchen, and I love checking out new restaurants whenever I have the opportunity to do so.

I am always just a few treats away from being your new best friend. If you were to ask me to go on a pizza run with you, I would almost certainly agree...


You invited me to Midtown Pizza in Gainesville, Florida. As a lifelong fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, I would say that my aversion to Gainesville runs deep, but in this instance it's not about football.

It's about pizza--if you can even call if that.

Gainesville's Midtown Pizza is serving up Green Bean Casserole Pizza.

It's a pizza that is topped with Green Bean Casserole. Is it the worst thing that has ever happened or is it a one-way ticket to Flavortown?

What do you think? On one hand: Green Bean Casserole kind of slaps. It's savory and topped with crunchy onions, and I am into that... BUT...

Green Bean Casserole PIZZA? What do slimy, cream-of-mushroom-coated green beans taste like on top of pizza dough?

And what is the cheese situation? Are we talking straight mozz or something else?

I can't decide if this is the greatest or the worst idea ever. Is Green Bean Casserole Pizza Flavortown or an abomination?

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