The problem continues, as parents put their children at risk inside hot cars. Here are safety tip reminders to help you look before you lock.

There has already been 21 child fatalities due to hot cars. The most recent being today (July 25th) with a boy from Texas.

Lots of things can happen to distract a parent, and to become absent minded. Especially new parents who can become forgetful due to lack of sleep. A child may be quietly sleeping at the time of parking the car, and you just forget. You may go on your way and then realize the mistake, but it may be too late from a car that heats up fast.

Check this out, the inside of a car can rapidly rise to 100 degrees in 10 minutes on even a comfortable 75 outside, according to K9 Rescue Me. Just 10 minutes.

A great idea to help reduce the risk of something terrible happening is picking up habits which are outlined in safety tips from Kids and Cars.

  • Always open the back door when you park, always checking the backseat.
  • Place something the backseat to remind you to open the back door when parked, like a cell phone, employee badge, handbag or other item.
  • Place a stuffed animal in the baby seat.  When a baby is sitting in the seat, have the stuffed animal in the front seat as a reminder.
  • Ask a babysitter or child care provider to call if your child hasn't arrived on time.

Be safe, look before you lock.


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