Here's the Secret to Fixing Freezer-Burned Ice Cream

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I know I’m not the only one that this has happened to, but you want a dish of ice cream only to find out that it has been freezer-burned.  Then you debate about eating it still even though it looks like a hot mess with those yucky ice crystals.

I don’t eat a lot of ice cream, but when I do, I ball out of control.  My favorite splurges are Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, Haagen Dazs Coffee, Jeni’s Boston Cream Pie, or Publix Barnie’s Coffee Ice cream.  So, if freezer burn hit my prize ice creams, I would be devastated.

How does freezer burn happen and how to prevent it!  Here is some knowledge so you can join the bandwagon on saving your ice cream.  According to Kitchn, they discuss what you should know about freezer burn in five tips"

1. Freezer burn is safe to eat. 

2. But it might not taste awesome. 

3. You can prevent freezer burn. 

4. It could be your freezer’s fault.

5. The way you defrost matters.

How I understand to prevent freezer burn is having no air on your food item.  My favorite ice cream gurus Ben & Jerry’s offer some chilly advice as well, they recommend the “best freezer temperature for ice cream is below zero degrees,” so basically get and keep it COLD.  Also, they advise storing ice cream “in the back of your freezer.”  The most important tip and new to me is to “get inverted. – Flip your partially melted pint upside down before refreezing.  This causes the melted ice cream to drop onto the top where it has the less chance of running the still-cold portion.”  However, the best advice from Ben & Jerry’s is to “Eat It All!”  That's something I can support!

(Source) For more from Kitchn, click here.  For more from Ben & Jerry’s click here.

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