As Alabama prepares to face Colorado State on Saturday, there's still some question about who all we might see on the field for the Tide.

Head coach Nick Saban confirmed that there aren't any new injuries this week, but the status of running back Joshua Jacobs is still uncertain while offensive lineman Lester Cotton appears available to play. The status of those two, combined with the injuries at linebacker, led to a lot of new faces last week and some shuffling in practice the past few days.

Then there's the quarterback position, where Tua Tagovailoa made his debut last week against Fresno State. Will he get another opportunity this week?

All of these questions came up at Saban's final press conference of the week, and it all built up to a 'Nick fit' on the final question.

"We haven't decided how we're going to play the guys. I wouldn't tell you if I did," Saban said. "I don't mind you asking the question but I don't need to answer it.

"But I will call Colorado State and tell them exactly what we want to do as soon as I get out of here. I know Mike Bobo. You know his dad lives up by my house at Lake Rabun. So I'll just call him up and tell him who we're playing, when, how long, when we're putting them in. I'll tell him the whole thing.

"Alright. Is that alright with you? So you can call him and find out."

Saban's point was made, but it doesn't clear up any of the curiosity surrounding the quarterback position. Those interested will just have to wait until Saturday night.

Here are the other things Saban touched on during the 10-minute appearance:

  • The importance of the fans to get into this game and create some noise.
  • He confirmed there are no new injuries to report.
  • Shared his philosophy in recruiting and what he looks for.
  • Updated the progression of Raekwon Davis since the gunshot wound.
  • How kickers and specialists prepare week-to-week.
  • Said Lester Cotton has been practicing and is expected to play.

You can watch the entire press conference in the video above.

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