As always, Garth Brooks says, the fans are one step ahead of him. In fact, the country icon explained in a recent Variety interview that it was a fan who helped develop an idea that Brooks and his wife, fellow superstar Trisha Yearwood, had for a new collaboration.

"These two girls wrote into Trisha [Yearwood] and I and said, 'Hey, look, I know you guys are gonna do a duet record. Would you ever think about doing a duet concert where the whole night is duets?'" Brooks recalls. "I'm looking at her going, 'No, wait a minute, let's combine the two ideas. What if we cut a live duet record in front of a live audience? And that's how we do our duet record?'"

Brooks immediately loved the idea, which would give fans an up-close look at how he creates his albums. "All of the sudden you have a live greatest hits duet record and people get to watch how a record is made, so you kind of bring the studio to the stage," he explains. "Section it off like you do in a regular studio, cut things live right there in front of people. I think it's an awesome idea, and I think it's probably something we're gonna do."

The timeline for the new project, Brooks adds, will depend on both his and Yearwood's busy touring schedules for 2019. "The stadium tour kicks off net year in March. Miss Yearwood has her own tour going on, so we'll find a window in there," he continues, explaining that despite the fact that there will be performance dates to work out, those schedules aren't quite as rigorous as they have been in the past.

"We're not touring as hard as we did the last three years. The last three years it was, like, 396 shows on the tour. This one is gonna be really spread out, just individual nights, 10 a year," Brooks says.

As for where the live duets album will be recorded, Brooks hints that although nothing is set in stone, he has a special venue in mind. "We're talking about doing it with the Ryman down here in Nashville," he goes on to say.

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