The world of heavy metal might seem like the last place you'd hear a country song, but that's exactly where Garth Brooks classic hit, "The Thunder Rolls," wound up.

Heavy metal band All That Remains took a stab at Brooks' signature hit and we must admit, it's a pretty solid cover. The group honors the song's dark nature with intense electric guitars and drums, coupled with lead singer Philip Labonte's haunting vocals. The song takes on a new life with the five-member band's electrifying rendition, which includes a signature heavy metal scream on the song's title.

The video is just as somber, using sepia tone effects as images of ominous, rolling clouds flash across the screen while a woman in a flowing white dress and long black hair wanders throughout her secluded farmhouse alone, waiting for her lover to return from the storm.

All That Remains included their cover of "The Thunder Rolls" on their 2017 album, Madness. The song was originally released in 1991 from Brooks' groundbreaking No Fences album. It claimed the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart and has since become a staple in the superstar's expansive catalog.

Brooks recently announced that his three-year World Tour with wife Trisha Yearwood will wrap up its North American trek in December, but he does plan to head overseas with the tour after its conclusion. "So when it’s all said and done and it’s January, it’s funny, what am I gonna miss? I’m gonna miss this," the singer tells NewsOK. "It’s the greatest way to spend your days."

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