Garth Brooks appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning (July 12) to take viewers backstage of his big New York gig at Yankee Stadium.

During Brooks' chat with GMA, he revealed that he loves baseball almost as much as he loves music. In fact, he says baseball is "second to music."

"I love baseball. I love the history of it. If you have to get pumped for this show, you're dead," he shares.

Brooks' performance at Yankee Stadium over the weekend marks the first ever country concert to take place on the legendary baseball field.

"The truth is, if you're going to play something like Yankee Stadium, you better come to represent," he tells GMA. "It's like you get to carry the flag at the Olympics. You get to carry the flag of country music into Yankee Stadium."

Brooks' shows in New York mark the first time he's played the Big Apple since his record-breaking Central Park gig in 1997, and the fans came out in the rain to support him.

The country music superstar will also be giving fans an exclusive peak into what goes into the making of an album through a newly-introduced video series called Inside Studio G. Here, videos will stream live on Brooks' Facebook page and let fans go inside the process of recording his new album. Additionally, the series will give fans exclusive access to stories from the road, sneak peeks of the new songs and insight into the ideas behind the creation of his forthcoming record.

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