Garth Brooks made one teenager's prom night a very special one when he invited her on stage to shoot off a T-shirt cannon during his performance of "Friends in Low Places" — in her prom dress, no less!

Brooks spotted Kate in the crowd during his first of two shows in Champaign, Ill., over the weekend and recounted the experience on his weekly Inside Studio G video series.

"Welcome to the day we celebrate prom," Brooks says at the video's start, admitting he's a little old for the high school celebration — but it was important this time. The singer recounts seeing Kate's bright yellow sign that read, "Gonna be late to PROM. GARTH comes FIRST."

He called her out from the stage and asked her who she was going to prom with. When she said she didn't have a date, he told her if she goes to prom and isn't having fun, to come back to the late show where and he'd have her help assist with the t-shirt cannons. She wound up skipping out on prom (can you blame her?) and came back later that night in her gown.

"Thus began one of the greatest memories I will ever have playing music live in a concert," Brooks gushes, sharing the adorable 'prom' photos of himself and Kate, as well as meeting her mother backstage.

Watch the video above to imagine what it's really like to have Brooks as your prom date.

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