If you're like our family, you have a tub of old paint cans, chemicals and batteries taking up space in your garage that are just in the way, and you keep watching for a way to dispose of them safely.  Well, load them up and bring them to the Tuscaloosa Public Safety Logistics building on Kauloosa Ave. Saturday for this year’s Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day.  It's an annual event that is free for Tuscaloosa County residents from 8am-noon

City officials say items dropped off will either be neutralized and recycled into new product, or safely and properly disposed of.  Examples of household hazardous wastes include drain cleaner, photo cleaner, household cleaners, rust preventative, mothballs, automotive fluids, paint thinner, herbicides, pool chemicals, metal polish, batteries, rodent cleaners, insect chemicals, propane tanks, latex or oil-based paint, antifreeze, pesticides, bleaches, oil or gasoline, ammonia, creosote, light bulbs, mercury-containing equipment, chemistry sets, wood strippers, sealants, lawn chemicals/fertilizers, arts and crafts supplies, and solvents.

Tires, medical waste, nonresidential or out-of-county wastes and radioactive wastes will not be accepted.  Wastes will not be accepted from commercial businesses, non-profit organizations or residents outside Tuscaloosa County. Due to the high cost of this event, the City of Tuscaloosa reserves the right to limit quantities accepted and to stop accepting waste once quota is exceeded.

Conducted by the City’s environmental services division, this event is sponsored and made possible by Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa.

For more information, call Tuscaloosa 311 at 205-248-5311 or visit www.tuscaloosa.com<http://www.tuscaloosa.com>.

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