If you think Uber changed the travel game, wait until you get a load of this!

How many times have you wanted to do something in Atlanta for a day but didn't want to turn around and drive back, but you also didn't really particularly care to spend the night?

Well, according to Patch.com, Richmond, Virginia-based Groome Transportation has your solution.  The company will offer shuttles picking up at the Festival Shopping Center on Crestwood Boulevard in Birmingham for one way or round trip service to/from Atlanta.

Does this mean no more being on the road for three to four hours?  That's exactly what it means... If you're willing to pay the price.

Adult tickets are $29 one way, $58 round trip.  The cost for children three to seven is $14 each way.  Of course, you'd need to arrange ground transportation on each end, but if that's minimal, you could come out a good bit ahead, depending on how much gas you normally burn and whether or not that cost is worth not having to drive.

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