You may notice something strange when you search for your favorite business' hours today. Google lists today's holiday differently for states in the South. 

I had to go to the dentist this weekend, and I searched the hours for Black Warrior Dental here in town. I noticed that today's holiday--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day--wasn't listed as such--it was listed as Robert E. Lee's birthday.

Screenshot: Google Search

I thought this was a little weird, so I posted a screenshot to Facebook. I thought it may have been an error on Google's part, but when my friends chimed in, I realized the holiday was listed differently based on location. Take a look at the business hours for a Michigan Bakery.

Screenshot: Google SearchI

Strange, right? Here's a business in Austin, Texas.

Screenshot: Google Search

I checked the State of Alabama's list of Official Holidays, and Robert E. Lee's Birthday is listed as today. Robert E. Lee's birthday is observed in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. I wonder why Google lists the local holiday over the federal holiday... this is definitely a head-scratcher!

Anyone know why Google wouldn't list today as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Hit me up in the comments if you know why!