YES!   The Mtn Dew or Diet Mtn Dew that you have in your hand has FLAME RETARDANT in it.  I'm not saying that it will put out your heart burn, probably quite the opposite.  It contains a flame retardant for plastics.  It's a vegetable oil.   Turn that bottle up and you're turning up a bottle of brominated VEGETABLE OIL, btw, it's been banned in Japan and Europe.  Why hasn't it been banned here?   Really?   Duhh....$$$$$.

*Too much BVO (brominated vegetable oil) may cause the following side effects:  breast, ovary and prostate cancer; low thyroid; iodine deficiency; neurological and psychological impairment such as Alzheimer’s and Alexander disease; fertility issues; ataxia (loss of muscle coordination); bromoderma, (a rare skin hypersensitivity); it has the ability to damage your DNA - just to name a few.

How about sticking with sweet tea?  Sweet tea that is brewed at home.  :)



*Eat This, Not That


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