Dolly Parton recently made a visit to The Talk, where she assisted in a game of Dollywood Squares, described as "the ultimate all-Dolly trivia challenge."

The game consisted of Parton answering questions about her career, while the co-hosts had to decide if she was telling the truth or lying. The categories included "9 to 5 Dolly," "Songwriter Dolly" and "Kenny and Dolly," among others. The teams, made up of hosts Sharon Osborne and Aisha Tyler for Team O and Sara Gilbert and Sheryl Underwood for Team X, battled over the Dolly trivia for the win.

Throughout the game, viewers learned that Parton's famous duet with Kenny Rogers, "Islands in the Stream," was written by the Bee Gees and originally intended for Marvin Gaye. Parton also revealed through the trivia questions that she wrote two of her No. 1 hits -- "Jolene" and "I Will Always Love You" -- on the same day in 1973.

Parton has her own theme park, Dollywood, in Tennessee, and one of the trivia questions said that the Tennessee Tornado roller coaster is Parton's favorite ride. So is it?

"I don't ride the rides, I got too much to lose, like my hair, my shoes," Parton admits.

The game was a fun one as longtime fans also learned that while writing "9 to 5," Parton used her long nails to tap out the rhythm of the song.

Always the comedian and often poking fun at herself, Parton recently visited Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she discussed that she started noticing gay fans dressing up like her in the ’80s.

“I see so many drag queens out there. I see so many girls that look more like me than I do,” she jokes. “I was easy to look like. All you gotta have is a stuffed bra and a cheap wig. That’s how I’ve done it all these years.”

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