Conecuh Sausage: An Alabama Staple

Back home in Orlando, my mom would always bring back a certain kind of sausage when she made her trips to Georgia. This sausage had a yellow label on it and it was the best I'd ever had! Little Did I know, I'd be moving up to the state that produced this iconic sausage that is Conecuh.

I recently moved to Alabama from Florida and had no idea Conecuh sausage was made here in the state. I always thought it was made in Georgia because that's where my mom would go to get some. It was rarely available in Orlando in bulk and that's how my mom liked to buy it because she loves her Conecuh Sausage.

A few weeks ago, my parents came up to visit from Florida and I had a chance to tell her that her favorite sausage was not only available here, but was made here in Alabama! I had it all planned out. I took her to South's Finest Meat's where I'd seen a wall of nothing but Conecuh sausage. The day finally came for their meat store run. They love to stock up on things you can't find down in Orlando. After getting a few bags of field peas,  & rutabagas, I told my mom, "Be careful on this isle. When you look to the left you're going to see something that you love."

She had no idea what she'd turn and find. The whole store knew when she'd turn around to see what was waiting because once she saw it, she let out a loud giddy scream mixed with a laugh! LOL! It was as if you'd just told a little girl that daddy was on the way home with her favorite toy. She finally saw the wall of Conecuh sausage and of course went to grabbing her packs of sausage. I loved it because I knew how much she loved the sausage but had limited supply down in Florida. I love you mom, but that was hilarious!

After my parents left town I decided to do some digging. I found that the name Conecuh is the name of the county in which the sausage is produced. The actual town where the brand begins is Evergreen, Alabama. I never knew it! I also found that in Evergreen, Alabama, there is a Conecuh Gift Shop.

Thanks to my mom for introducing me to the best sausage I've ever had in my life. Who knew that years later, I'd move to the very state that created this masterpiece. Even though I'm still a part-time vegan, I still will enjoy my Conecuh sausage from time to time. This labor day, while you're grilling and enjoying the family, throw some Conecuh sausage on the grill! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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