Clint Black recently found himself answering questions from a Denver, Colo.-area police officer -- but the singer hadn't broken any laws. When an officer spotted Black's tour bus pulled into a restaurant parking lot late one night, he stopped to check up on the situation, not expecting to end up talking to a country star.

According to the Denver Post, Thornton Police Department Officer Mickey Schaetzle spotted a tour bus, with its flashing emergency lights on, pulled into a Jack in the Box restaurant parking lot around 2AM on July 4. Schaetzle says that he didn't notice any infractions, but he was curious about why the bus had stopped, so he pulled in to check.

Black, for his part, hopped off the bus to approach Schaetzle. The officer admits that the country legend looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn't quite place him.

“He was real calm and cool. He expressed his support for police. I didn’t recognize him at first. I really couldn’t put a name to the face,” Schaetzle recalls. “He asked me if I liked country and western music. I said I really don’t any more ... I like the 1990s-era singers like Travis Tritt.”

“‘Like Clint Black?'” Black asked Schaetzle -- and then, it all clicked.

“I definitely felt star struck," Schaetzle says. "I was pretty excited.”

Black posed for a photo with his uniformed fan, and autographed a copy of his newest album, On Purpose, for him. The Thornton Police Department posted some photos on Twitter, to which Black replied, "Yep! And those lights on the patrol car are brighter than my spotlights!"

Schaetzle was also able to recommend an open restaurant for Black and his crew to get some food at the late hour.

Black is currently out on the road in support of his On Purpose album, released in 2015.

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