Once upon a time, country icons Minnie Pearl and Chet Atkins used their talents to ... sell breakfast sausage and cheeseburgers?! True story -- check out these old-school TV ads.

"HOW-DEE!!" Pearl yells -- her signature phrase -- from the Grand Ole Opry stage before going on to tell viewers all about the benefits of Rudy's Farm Country Sausage. With her famous tag-still-on hat atop her head, Pearl tells her audience about all the men she's snagged through cooking ... but she regrets not trying to woo them with Rudy's! She expects that her romantic results may have been even better if she had. Readers can press play above to watch the ad.

Below, readers can see Atkins' commercial for McDonald's. The guitar wizard stays silent during his ad for the fast food chain's "new" bacon cheeseburger (which sold for just 99 cents at the time this commercial was current!), instead letting his fingers do the talking. Throughout the 30-second clip, Atkins picks an upbeat tune on his guitar and "expresses his thoughts" on the new offering from one of America's biggest fast food restaurants.

These retro advertisements are part of a slew of vintage videos released on the Dalton Hudson Vimeo page. The PR agency was created in 2017 after a merger between the Bill Hudson Agency, which had been operating in Nashville since 1963, and Florida's Dalton Agency. Curious readers can check out all of the old-time videos here.

Watch Chet Atkins' McDonald's Commercial

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