When it comes to the perfect Christmas gift, don't overthink it.

This young lad is pleased as punch to get toilet paper as a present. Yeah, toilet paper. That means you just know that when he gets another gift, there's a good chance he will be way more excited about the tissue paper packed along with it than the present itself. There's also no chance he'll swap it for a Whopper.

There's an old joke that kids are more interested in the box that a toy comes in than the toy itself. Well, this boy is certainly proving there is something to that.

The good news for his parents: it doesn't take much too make him happy and there's no need to (two) ply him with presents to put a smile on his face. Heck, come double coupon day, he may lose his mind in ecstasy when his mom comes home with a 20-pack of Marcal.

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