Blake Shelton and InTouch Weekly have, together, asked a Los Angeles federal court judge to dismiss the lawsuit between them. A California newspaper reports that both parties filed the requested on Thursday (April 13).

Both Shelton and InTouch Weekly have requested that charges of defamation, filed in late 2015 by Shelton against the tabloid, be dropped, the San Angelo Standard-Times reports. The filing, the paper says, does not include settlement details, but it does say that both sides will pay their own litigation costs. Shelton's attorney, Larry Stein, confirms to Billboard that the situation has been resolved "amicably."

Shelton first filed suit against InTouch Weekly in October of 2015, claiming defamation and seeking more than $1 million in damages, as well as an injunction. The lawsuit stemmed from a September cover story that alleged that Shelton’s heavy drinking had contributed to his and Miranda Lambert’s divorce, and that he was going to rehab. A previous story from the tabloid magazine reported that Shelton had cheated on Lambert prior to their divorce. The filing explained that the country star has asked for a retraction but had received no response.

In February of 2016, InTouch publisher Bauer Publishing Company filed a motion to strike the lawsuit, leveraging California’s anti-SLAPP statute and claiming that Shelton’s legal action interferes with the publication’s First Amendment rights. They also claimed that Shelton had no probability of winning the case. A judge denied Bauer Publishing Company's request that April, and ruled that the lawsuit would be allowed to proceed.

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Ever since his divorce from Lambert and the start of his romance with pop star Gwen Stefani — and even before then, really — Shelton's personal life has become public fodder, with his every move scrutinized and discussed on celebrity gossip sites and in the tabloids. The country star says he's learned to live with it.

“You just have to accept it and go, ‘Man, people know the ins and outs, and what they don’t [know], they make up,'” Shelton says. “You just have to accept it and know they’re going to talk about it. And that’s okay.

“I think about celebrities I know of, and I talk about them; I wonder about them. The people I read about and see in movies or whatever … I do it, too,” he admits. “It makes sense that it happens. It just is what it is.”

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