You've got a chance to have some delicious food and help out a great cause-- Black Warrior Riverkeeper is hosting a fundraising night at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tuscaloosa on Wednesday, July 19, 2017!

B-Dub's will donate 20% of all pre-taxed food sales from anyone who presents the ticket below. Be sure to print it out and take it with you! Here's more about the fundraiser from its official Facebook event page:

"We love water! After all, water makes up about 95% of beer (and we really like beer!). We are proud to partner with Black Warrior Riverkeeper, Sweetwater Brewing and Buffalo Wild Wings to help insure our rivers, lakes, and streams will remain clean for generations to come. You can help by joining us all day at Buffalo Wild Wings on July 19th and present a copy of the coupon above and 20% of your food bill will be donated to Black Warrior Riverkeeper. It's that easy! Come to BWW, present a coupon, eat some great food, 20% of your food bill goes to BW Riverkeeper, and we have fresh water to make more beer with!! That's a win for everybody!"

Mark Bahn
Mark Bahn

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