Black Panther better make some room on its accolades mantle. The highest-grossing movie in the MCU? Check. The biggest superhero movie ever in the U.S.? Check. Bigger than Iron ManThor, and Captain America: The First Avenger… combined? You bet.

The Marvel movie has continued to break one box office record after another since it debuted earlier this year, and that’s not slowing down anytime soon. Ryan Coogler’s film will officially be bigger than the total box office numbers of three MCU solo debuts. As Box Office Guru’s Gitesh Pandya noted on Twitter, on Thursday night Black Panther will have reached a total domestic gross of $676 million, which is bigger than the total U.S. earnings of Iron Man ($318M), Thor ($181M), and the first Captain America ($177M) combined.

Just a couple weeks ago Black Panther broke another titanic box office record, becoming the number 3 movie of all-time in the U.S., surpassing the previous record-holder, Titanic itself. And none of it is that surprising; Coogler made a fantastic film that did things we’ve never really seen done in the superhero genre before, bringing heart, politics, and bold storytelling into a comic book origin story. Infinity War might be on track to challenge Black Panther‘s records, but T’Challa is proving he’s still holding on strong.

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