With students going back to school in a matter of days, most parents are busy trying to purchase as many school supplies as possible. Some are waiting until the sales tax holiday, but for those who are attempting to go ahead and finish shopping with time to spare, accept this bit of information.

When it comes to shopping for school supplies, there are some places that are just "givens."  Walmart and Target usually stocked with the goods. So are the dollar stores like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and so on.  But two places that are often afterthoughts but usually have good prices and smaller crowds are Big Lots and Office Depot!

Big Lots is one of those stores that has everything, but you don't really think about it unless you live near it or see an ad for something you want, but they have school supplies at great prices.

Now, Office Depot..... Office Depot is just THE TRUTH! And given the store's proximity to Walmart, it's amazing how short the lines are, especially when they have items for much less than a dollar!  As a matter of fact, some school supplies are as 25 cents.  With low prices and short lines, why wait for a sales tax holiday and deal with fighting traffic and crowded aisles?  Do yourself a favor and check out Big Lots and Office Depot!

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