Alan Jackson had an unexpected moment onstage at his concert in Lafayette, La., on Friday night (Nov. 3). The country icon was forced to dodge a beer thrown by a reportedly intoxicated concertgoer.

Jackson and his band performed at the Cajundome as part of his ongoing Honky Tonk Highway Tour. At 1:23 in the fan-shot video above, Jackson is in the middle of performing "Don't Rock the Jukebox" when a beer comes flying up from the seats near the edge of the stage. It's difficult to tell if the beer actually hits the country icon, but it looks like he manages to dodge it as it narrowly misses hitting him in the the leg and sloshes around, landing behind him at the foot of the drum riser.

Jackson reacts like a true world class pro, his voice quavering only slightly as he dodges the can. He turns briefly to look to see what landed behind him before resuming his performance, shaking his head and smiling as he continues the show.

Country radio station KMDL 97.3 The Dawg in Lafayette reports that one fan in attendance posted to Facebook after the show, writing, "I really can't believe someone threw [their] beer at Alan Jackson. Some people have no respect for others. It's really sad!!"

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Several other audience members replied to that post, with one writing, "That guy was so drunk. He was drunk dancing all along the railing to the floor seats; almost knocked the rails down a few times. I'm surprised he didn't get escorted out sooner. What a jerk!!!"

One Facebook user noted, "Alan sure took it in stride, just laughed ..."

Local musician Lane Mack also posted to Facebook after the show, lamenting a string of incidents that have happened to country stars during shows at the Cajundome that include someone groping Tim McGraw and grabbing his wedding ring off his hand, and an audience member throwing Mardi Gras beads at one of the women in Little Big Town.

"Lafayette y’all enjoy these big country acts while they last." Mack writes. "I don’t know why they’d want to come back."

Jackson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in October. He has just released a sentimental new song titled "The Older I Get," which is the first single from a new album he plans to release in 2018.

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