In what may be one of the oddest stories of an already strange year, an Alabama sheriff's office discovered an illegal wine making operation at a waste water treatment plant.

No--I am not making this up. This happened yesterday (Thursday, December 18th) in Rainsville in DeKalb County.

Authorities received an anonymous tip about an illegal winery at a municipal facility. The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office deployed agents to search the Rainsville Waste Water Treatment Plant where they discovered a winery that appeared to have been in operation for a long time as well as a large amount of illegal alcohol.

The investigation is ongoing and the DCSO plans to file charges soon.

Take a look at some photos from the scene.



I wonder who has been drinking all the sewer wine--and if those who are chugging the bootleg brew know it was fermented in a facility that's meant to process feces.

I know, I know--judging from the photos above, the winery appears to have been fairly high-tech. The suspects weren't turning waste water into wine, but can we take a moment to process how strange this is?

Would you drink sewer plant wine? (Full disclosure: I used to get pretty lit on Mad Dog 20/20 in college, so I don't exactly have a James Beard Award Winning palate) Share your thoughts with me using our app chat.


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