According to The Associated Press, an Alabama man won $1 million in the Georgia Lottery after initially thinking he had won only 600 Bucks!

Retiree Larry Payne purchased the ticket back in February 2013, and he pretty much forgot about it, until THREE years later. Then on July 25th, 2016, Larry's nephew, Bryan Payne, borrowed Larry's truck to make a run to Rockmart, Georgia. While he was in Georgia, he found the forgotten lottery ticket, (along with a few others), under the visor of the truck, and called his uncle to ask what he wanted him to do with the tickets.

One of them had only a week or so before it became invalid. Uncle Larry told his nephew to stop and see if the ticket was worth anything. If so, he wanted him to go ahead and cash it in.

The store manager told nephew Bryan, the ticket was worth more than $600. However, because of that fact, the store couldn't pay the winnings on it. Therefore, he would have to go to the Lottery Commission in Atlanta to claim the money.

Could you imagine your reaction to this incredible surprise?

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