The Alabama women's basketball team moved on in the second round of the WNIT on Sunday with a win over Central Florida, and it set up the perfect opportunity to make another joke at the expense of the Knights.

Alabama AD Greg Byrne took full advantage of the victory by tweeting out a jab at UCF and its claim to the 2017 national championship in football. After finishing undefeated but missing the College Football Playoff, the entire UCF program and even Florida governor Rick Scott decided to crown the Knights while the Crimson Tide went on to win the actual championship game.

So when the women knocked off UCF, 80-61, on Sunday, Byrne tweeted this.

It got a big reaction on social media - from both sides - as you would expect, and it even led to UCF AD Danny White posting this response.

This exchange never would have happened in Tuscaloosa prior to the arrival of Greg Byrne and it's refreshing to see. College athletics are all about loyalty and passion and that's exactly why personalities should be on display rather than hidden.

Well done.

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