Unfortunately, this year, Easter will be a lot different with the Coronavirus pandemic going on. This is normally a time where Americans are having cookouts, going to church, or having some kind of large gathering. My family usually has a big dinner, we eat together and play games and basically have a big party celebrating family.

This year, in Tuscaloosa ,I won't be around my Florida family, and I won't be able to attend church due to COVID-19. I'll be finding a church to attend virtually with my wife and son for he Easter holiday and we'll have our own small family dinner.

WalletHub recently conducted a survey aimed to find out how Easter plans have changed for Americans in the midst of COVID-19. Here are some key finding in their survey.


  • Worshippers don’t want to stay home: 56% of Americans who went to church on Easter Sunday last year say they will go to church for Easter this year, if it is open.
  • Republicans are more likely to attend services: Republicans are almost three times more likely than Democrats to attend church on Easter this year, if it is open.
  • Pandemics make us appreciate family and health more: The coronavirus has made Americans most grateful for their family (40%), followed by health (30%) and then freedom (13%).


(Source) If you'd like to see more on their survey and see the complete story on WalletHub click here. 

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