The Super Bowl is known as the busiest sports betting event of the year. Pros and novices alike readily fork out hard earned cash for a chance to hit pay dirt.

I usually follow pro football pretty closely. But I stopped paying attention during the 3rd week this season, when I came to the realization that my Chicago Bears were not very good. So, I checked out early. Therefore, I don't have any reason or knowledge to place an educated bet on this game.

However, that doesn't mean that I can't bet on something OUTSIDE of the game. In fact, Vegas lets you bet on HUNDREDS of propositions that have NOTHING to do with the actual game. These are called "Proposition Bets", or "Prop Bets". I have isolated a few of the crazier ones that are out there, with my prediction on how they will play out.

10)  Will Pink forget or omit a word from the national anthem?:  I say "No". because Pink is a pro.

9) Will President Trump Tweet More Or Less than 5 times this Sunday?:  I say "More", because our President LOVES to tweet! 

8) How many times will Giselle Bundchen be shown on TV during broadcast? More or Less than "2"?: I say "More", because she's HOT! 

7) How many times will “wardrobe malfunction” be mentioned during broadcast?: I say "zero" because The NFL is STILL trying to live that one down!

6) Will “nipplegate” be said during broadcast?: No....see my answer for #7.

5) Will Justin Timberlake be wearing a hat when he begins his halftime performance?: I say "Yes"....Justin is quite the "Hat Fashionista".

4) What color will the liquid be that is poured on the game-winning coach?:  I'll say "Orange", because it's the most popular color of Gatorade.

3) Will Donovan McNabb’s vomiting incident from Super Bowl 39 be mentioned during the broadcast?: I say "No". I had totally forgotten about it, like most folks, until I saw this bet. So why the hell bring it up now?!

2) Will Al Michaels refer to the spread on the game?: Of course he will.....Most people are BETTING on the game!

1) Will Justin Timberlake cover a Prince song during halftime?:  I say "YES"....They're in Minneapolis for Pete's Sake!

(And a BONUS Prop Bet for you): Will any members from NSync perform with Justin Timberlake?: My answer is "YES"!

For a list of Crazy Prop Bet's For This Sunday read HERE

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