With Tuscaloosa Amphitheater nearly at capacity, Dierks Bentley rocked concertgoers for almost two hours but it was one special gesture that has everyone talking.

Since hearing that Dierks was playing Tuscaloosa, 13-year-old Taylor Smith has dreamed of meeting her favorite country artist. The fact that he was scheduled to play on the day after her birthday made it more special and almost seemed like fate.

She spent her birthday making a special poster that she hoped Bentley would see from far back in the stands. Smith wrote a story composed almost completely of the artists' song lyrics and made sure to write her name and let him know she was his number one fan. With seats no where near the front of the stage, the birthday girl still held up her sign in hopes he would notice her fluorescent green poster board.

To her surprise, Bentley took a break in the middle of the show and made his way to a small platform attached to the top of the sound booth, directly in front of Smith. As he finished the song Riser, Bentley looked down and couldn't help but call attention to her message.

John Morgan, a friend of Taylor's mom caught the entire occasion on his phone.

The memory is something Smith will cherish for the rest of her life. After the encounter, Bentley gave her his guitar pick and as he made his way back to the stage, a crew member promised Smith he'd make sure the Different for Girls singer got her poster after the show.

Thank you Dierks Bentley!