A Tuscaloosa judge ruled on Thursday that Alabama senior Alphonse Taylor was found not guilty on DUI charges earlier this summer. 

The offensive lineman called police on the morning of July 17 to report an accident he had at The Woodlands. He was charged with a DUI after performing poorly on field sobriety tests and later tested negative for alcohol.

"Of course I am pleased with this verdict," Taylor's attorney Jason Neff said. "I hope Mr. Taylor will have an opportunity to move forward with his football career."

Alabama head coach Nick Saban indefinitely suspended Taylor from the team following the incident.

"Alphonse Taylor has gone through a program – pretty significant program, pretty intense program – and we have cleared him to practice," Saban said at the start of fall camp. "But we have not made a decision, and it will be based on what he does and how he does it, as to whether that suspension that he had will be lifted when the games come. I'm not ready to make that decision right now, and I don't think we have all the information we need to have to be able to make that decision."

Taylor was listed as the backup at right guard when Alabama released its first depth chart on Monday.